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DIY Vans

Creating a design on a pair of fabric shoes can be quite a challenge. Putting some ideas together to come up with what you want on your shoe, that’ll be permanent, can take some time with lots of thinking. Putting something out there that your passionate about or that is easy for you can make..

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Taste The Difference!

Ærø pandekager—or ærø pancakes, are fluffy, crunchy and fried in lots of pigs fat. Ærø Pancakes are an island specialty after an old original recipe. These pancakes are a combination of greasy, crisp, and airy. If you like doughnuts or fried foods this is the perfect pastry for you. In Ærø they are often served..

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Playlist For Every Mood

We put together a group of playlists for you to enjoy on different occasions whether you want to relax or have fun with the girls. Girl Power Being a girl can sometimes be challenging, giving yourself time to relax and have fun can get to be a foreign concept. With this powerful playlist filled with..

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Fun DIY Headboards to Spice Up Your Room

Is your bed looking a little to plain? Are you desperate for new room decor? Well you came to the right article! Maybe you haven’t gotten the exact “look” for your room yet. This article will be explaining three easy DIYs (do it yourself) on how to craft amazing, wooden head boards that’ll allow any..

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Yummy Cookie Bars for Warm Weather

 What a better way to begin this warm weather than with an easy at home treat made withingredients already in your kitchen? With April showers approaching , you can stay dry inside and have an amusing dessert craft to entertain either you or your children. Creating these bars are satisfying and are a treat to..

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DrugStore Makeup Review

I decided to put some popular drugstore makeup brands to the test by creating a full-face look using nothing but drugstore products. Some of the products I was pleasantly surprised with, but there were also some that I really didn’t like. Keep reading to find out all about what I thought of the products. To..

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Come Get Your Sugar Rush

Calling all Gen Z! Tarte has launched a new sister brand called Sugar Rush, a cruelty free and vegan makeup line. The products are colorful, inexpensive, and compare to the products of Tarte. Keep reading to find out about each product and to read a review! To begin, we tested out the brand new eyeshadow..

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Colour Pop

There is no better way to get in the Christmas Spirit and find ideas for Christmas presents than reviewing new makeup products. Testing the products before giving them to someone as a gift, and knowing how they work, is the key to successful gifting this holiday season. Lipstick and lipgloss are great essentials to add..

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Womens Entrepreneurship Day

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is held in Philadelphia on every 12th of November. This nonprofit organization recognizes hard working women and gives them a chance to discuss with and observe one another. This is the 2nd year Bloom has attended the event. We would describe it as nothing less than an amazing, thought-stimulating opportunity to connect..

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